Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recipe: Tyrolienne Beef & Kidney Stew

One of the most memorable dishes I tried while in Thailand was a watery stew labeled 'Tyrolienne Beef'. Internet resources disagree as to what 'Tyrolienne' actually is, so I went with my sense memory...


800g diced beef
1 ox kidney
4 chopped tomatoes
1 diced onion
1T black peppercorns
2 garlic cloves
1T chopped basil
3 bay leaves
3 cups water


Slice or dice kidneys into the same thickness as beef.

Place all ingredients in a saucepan, and heat on stovetop until water begins to boil.

Once stew is boiling, reduce heat and simmer for an hour with the lid off. Enjoy the delicious odours that will permeate your kitchen and home!

After an hour, bring stew back to the boil until liquid is at desired thickness.

Served topped with some fresh basil (I didn't have any more).

Today's eats:

Breakfast: fasted. Amazing that I wasn't tempted to snack on nuts while I made the beau a new batch of grain-free granola - just almonds, walnuts, coconut, sweetener (slowly weaning him off it though...), and egg whites.

Lunch: Tyrolienne Beef & Kidney stew! My first try of kidney... Definitely an acquired taste/texture, but one I'd like to cultivate for the nutritional value of organ meats.

Dinner: Egg yolks from making granola in the morning, scrambled in a little butter.

Carnivore Cost Calculation:

250g organic beef: $7
1/2 organic ox kidney: $2
6 organic eggs: $4.50

Total for today: $13.50

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kate said...

Hmm, I added diced sweet potatoes to this, cause I didn't have as much meat. Maybe I did something wrong, but the meat is really kinda hard/tough.. I added a heap of salt and cracked pepper cause it seemed kind of bland but I've never really liked stew.. A great way to try kidney for the first time though, might even get some into my husband before he realises! Thanks!