Friday, October 23, 2009

Day Four of The Six Week Cure

Recovery day - a sleep-in; a lounge outside in the sun; a blog reading catch-up session; a walk up to the organic grocery for this week's veggie box and some cream; and two delicious protein shakes - both with added leucine powder (which doesn't really mix in well, bleh) and one with raw cacao powder (a subtle choc-milk effect, yum!). How relaxing!

But then - no time to fit in my third shake before heading off to the city; a long and frustrating call to my telecommunications company that had cut off my mobile account for no clear reason (my credit card expired so a payment was declined, but instead of getting in touch with me to get my new card details, they just shut off my phone - glad I didn't find out when I was trying to call the police or something!); a panicked rush to get to the bus stop in time; an awkward conversation with a random old bloke on the bus who started by asking about my Vibrams and then wanted to know everything about my childhood; a frantic race on foot through the city to get to my doctor's appointment (thank Gawd for the FiveFingers!); a very depressing appointment as my current nerve damage drug has demonstrably had no effect - so now I've been given yet another one to try; a major traffic jam.

So after my best anti-stress efforts in the morning, the afternoon certainly reset my levels back to tense and bristling. And I was starving! We were off to a BBQ & lawn bowls event thrown by the beau's work, and whilst everyone else stuffed themselves full of floury sausages, chicken kebabs covered in sticky sauce, and Indian 'salads', all involving some kind of nasty (pasta, chick peas, etc), I was specially allocated a stack of steaks, cooked to my liking - rare!

The first BBQ of the season, and we're off to a roaring start! Full disclosure - see that steak above? Well, multiply it by FOUR and you've got my dinner. Aw yeah. Perfect steak, everyone else flopping carby meat products onto white bread, and what am I going to do, just leave the other steaks to waste? Heck no! I imagine I downed around half a kilogram of cooked steak... Easily! My stomach wasn't used to having that much food in it, but it wasn't a problem - I felt great!

After demonstrating my impressive beginner's luck when it came to lawn bowls, espite my "putting groceries in a shopping cart' lackadaisical style (it was too cold to take time and aim!), we popped around to pick up a delightful selection of summer reading from my very talented friend Lily - check out her gorgeous photography on her blog.

Then it was off home, with the prospect of my third shake - was it even necessary after all the steak? I figured the fat content was necessary. But after downing most of the shake, my stomach hit 100%, and the pain was amazing! A mix of uber-burp fullness and 'look ma I'm pregnant' bulging - wow! I'll definitely be avoiding having to drink a shake soon after a filling dinner again! Yikes!

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