Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's Tucker - 8/10/09: Meats & Treats

Breakfast: Lamb forequarter chops and bacon - welcome back to your routine, Jess!

Dinner: Organic beef scotch fillet steak, served with bacon and butter.

Dessert: Hazelnut meal & egg pancake, topped with a few defrosted raspberries - a tasty little treat to end the day and up the fat intake. Not carnivorous, no, but deliciously primal! The recipe has been honed to simple perfection as well - 30g nut meal, and an egg. Heat a tablespoon of oil (coconut, in this case) in a frying pan, then add pancake mix, patting it down into a pancake shape. They still fluff up, and cook through beautifully.

A perfect way to end the day, and my carbs were still below 10g, but I'll definitely keep the pancakes occasional! Besides, I'm starting 100% meat again for at least a week to sort out these Thai pounds! After I'm back to my lowest weight, I'm going to experiment with a typical primal diet - meat, egg, veg, with a few nuts and berries occasionally - combined with caloric restriction to see how my bod responds. In the meantime, I will be tracking my daily meat expenses for a commenter who was interested in knowing the financial cost of going carnivore. Today, I ate about $3 worth of conventional grass-fed lamb, $0.70 worth of bacon, and $5 worth of organic beef. That's less than $10. I was sated by dinner, so I didn't need to eat anymore - the little pancake was just cos I could! :) It'll be interesting to see how my daily costs fluctuate, especially since I plan to go to the fish market and stock up on squid tomorrow!

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