Friday, October 30, 2009

Dozens of Shakes (a.k.a. Day 12)

Let's just say, it was quite difficult to peel myself out of bed this morning and trudge off to the fifth and final day of an incredibly long and draining week. However, after hoping on the scales, I was glad I had made it out of bed, because that way I was able to discover that I was at my new lowest weight ever! Apparently I dropped half a kilogram overnight, so thank you caloric restriction! Three days of keeping the calories below 1400 seems to have done the trick, with yesterday's 1800kcal boosting my BMR back to normal. Today I've boosted a bit higher again, since I still felt a bit tired today, mostly due to stress and cold weather - I was fidgeting like crazy all day, burning fuel left, right, and in my jiggly centre.

I left myself just enough time this morning to whip up shakes for breakfast and lunch, upping the amount of heavy cream to elongate my satiety. The fuel lasted me about four hours per shake before hunger struck, so that was a good metabolic sign.

For dinner, I fried up two organic lamb forequarter chops in a copious amount of coconut oil, and then mopped up the rest of the oil by sauteeing a bit of red cabbage.

Since dinner was very early (4:30pm), and my calories were very low, I used my handy stash of fatty bites to boost my numbers - macadamia nuts! True, they're probably not supported by the Eades', or at least not in the proportion I enjoyed, but I'm pretty much making my own rules since I know what works for me. I will, however, continue with the Six-Week Cure so that I can pass on an authentic-ish experience to Mum, whom I will be encouraging to play it by the book. It's clear to me that the way I was eating before was better for me than this program, given my stomach soreness and nausea of late (still a twinge now and again), but since there are only two days left of non-primal eating, I'll take the hit. :) Plus, if my egg protein, due to arrive some time next week, is any good, it might be nice to keep a dairy-free portable primal lunch option on hand for emergencies.

And for a sweet ending to a long week, check out this adorable music clip for "Camilo (The Magician)" by Said The Whale - pick the primal moment!

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Primal Mama said...

Great to hear you've hit a new low! uni