Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lamb, L'Acqua Lovers & Links

I concede, sometimes alliteration is achingly arduous... And a bit of a stretch. IT may also impinge on my coolness factor. A little.

Breakfast: Let's start with the lamb (and a little bacon, mostly for colour)

Late Lunch: a lovely plateful of buttery squid - is there anything finer or simpler to whip up upon arriving home of an afternoon?

Dinner: The other creature from the deep - a luxurious wild Atlantic salmon fillet, with a few anchovies, and a dollop of butter to help balance the protein-heavy nature of today's eats

Carnivore Cost Calculation:

Lamb - $4
Bacon - $0.60
Squid - $3
Salmon - $7
Anchovies - $1-ish

Total ~ $16

Meanwhile, I figure it's about time that I share some more research into the carnivore lifestyle, to continue to demonstrate the variety of folks eating all-meat or some variation of Zero Carb as well as the ways in which scientific research continues to prove that our ancestors did happen to know what they were doing.

I'll start with one of the big guns - Dr. Michael R. Eades, whose newest book, The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle has the primal Twitter community (not all of whom are middle-aged) gulping whey protein shakes in the desperate hope of shedding an inch or so from their waists. Hm. While they enjoy their quick-fix (and I do hope it works, for the sake of waistlines and bio-markers everywhere), I'm more interested in what Dr. Eades presents about our pre-shake evolution:

Are We Meat Eaters or Vegetarians: Part I & Part II.

Dr. Eades is also quite active as a micro-blogger through Twitter, sharing cutting-edge research and articles that strike his fancy - not surprisingly, most are studies showing how beneficial low-carb diets are for preventing/curing this or that health issue.

Then there's Dr. Dan whose blog is At Darwin's Table, one of the first blogs I found when I started my process of self-education. He too has done a Meat Eaters vs Vegetarians series, with a Part I and a Part II, and it is the latter that I find particularly interesting. While Dr. Dan doesn't go into sources - presumably in order to keep his posts concise and accessible? - I find his conclusions regarding the necessity for fish oil in the human diet very interesting. I have been taking fish oil every day for a long time now, so I'm glad there's historical precedence supporting that my actions are the right way to go. I also eat salmon regularly, but whenever I tell myself that I should have salmon for dinner, my whole body starts screaming for red meat! Gotta go with those instincts...

Some other blogs that have been inspiring and challenging my knowledge of late (with a recent relevant post to get you started if the blog is new to you):

Animal Pharm - Low-Carb Paleo: Nothing's Impossible

Dr. John Briffa's Blog - Vitamin D Supplementation Found to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

The Heart Scan Blog - Heart Defects Simplified

And as always, check out my Girl Gone Readin' list for some of the most interesting and active health and nutrition blogs if you love keeping up with the science and anecdotal evidence of like-minded individuals as much as I do!

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