Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day Six of The Six Week Cure

Another lazy morning of sleeping in, followed by a day of lying in the sun and mucking around on the computer. Plus, our monthly delivery of meat from Organic Direct arrived! So we're all set for the meat weeks of The Six Week Cure. For those of you interested in the Carnivore Cost Calculation series, here's what AU$370 got us:

1 rolled beef roast ($18 for 1.3kg)
1 topside roast ($19 for one piece - unweighed as yet)
10 porterhouse steaks ($85)
10 scotch fillet steaks ($80)
5kg premium beef mince ($70)
20 lamb chops ($70)
2kg chicken thigh fillets ($35)

The big freezer section of our new fridge (bought for the extra freezer space) is chock-full of meaty goodness! The haul is well over 60 servings of meat, so should last the month out even if I eat meat twice a day during the meat weeks. We've also plenty of whole chickens, drumsticks and breast portions left over from a couple of months ago - we've both gone off chicken a bit. It doesn't satisfy me much and the beau isn't a fan of plain chicken. But now that the weather is warming up, I'll be grateful for leftover chicken that I can whip into an egg scramble, or pack up for work, or even eat out on the veranda as the sun sets...

Today started with a late breakfast shake - my system does NOT enjoy such a large, cold beverage in the brisk morning air! But I imagine it will be nice to have a shake on hand further down the track on hot summer mornings where cooking is simply not an option... A few hours later I took another shake for lunch, after lounging in the sun to top up my vitamin D levels.

Organic Direct knocked on the door at around 3:30pm, and I grabbed out the rolled beef roast and popped it into the oven (after searing the edges on the stove). By 5:30pm, it was tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked:

Now, does that really look like 1000kcal of meat? I don't know whether to trust or not on this one... Fingers crossed I don't end up ravenously hungry at bed time, even though my data tells me I've covered my needs for the day... I cooked up an omelette as a side, since I finally found a wheel of True Organic brie, but it's not nice alone! Melted, however, it is delicious! So I ate an Eades-approved amount, especially since I cut my cream-in-shake amount by half today, and only made time for two shakes (I really wasn't hungry when I had to force the second one down, and didn't feel like stuffing myself with a third). I've hit the bottom of my original whey protein canister now, so tomorrow I'll be cutting into my half-tonne of Professional Whey protein and experimenting with ground vanilla and stevia... Wish me luck!

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