Monday, October 5, 2009

Thailand: A Retrospective - Day 3

This day lives on in infamy...

Awoke to perfect weather and a big feed of bacon and eggs. After the ludicrous expense and disappointment of the prior day's lunch, I decided to go back to skipping lunches to cut the frustration.

The 'why didn't I think of it before?' moment was when I started dipping the practically fat-free bacon into the runny egg yolks for some moisture - yum! But so much for one egg per day. Had to let that one go early in the vacation!

Then it was off to Tri Trang Beach, the larger, relatively shallow beach just a short walk north of the resort. We hired a couple of chairs and an umbrella, and stretched out in the shade to lap up the warmth in between dips in the crystal clear, warm water. We also wandered up and down the length of the beach, where the beau had his glasses stolen briefly by one of the monkeys leashed beside one of the bars. Hilarity.

After we rounded out our second hour under our umbrella, we decided it was time to head back to our room to escape the utterly perfect heat. But as we relaxed in front of some Stephen Colbert we both noticed an unpleasant prickling sensation on our legs... and our shoulders... and various other places... Sunburn! Epic umbrella fail! After applying coconut oil, the only moisturiser I packed, we covered up and sat out of the deck to read and feel sorry for ourselves.

At dinnertime, we returned to Tri Trang Beach (the scene of the crime) as we had read the tantalising menu of the Tri Trang Restaurant during the afternoon. The waiter wasn't quite as obliging as the Little Tiger waitress when I asked for mussels sans sauce, and crab fried in butter sans sauce, but the end product was very nice, and still quite affordable (for Thailand - cheap as chips for Australia!):

I love how angry the top crab looks! Oh, and I ate everything with my hands, prompting the staff to bring me a finger bowl - win!

We were both suffering from our sunburns, and little did we know that the pain that evening paled in comparison to the agony that would accompany us for the next few days...

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