Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nine Days of Shakes - The Six Week Cure

The "Will I Suffer Nausea Again?" trial.

Answer = yes, but not as noticeably and distractingly as yesterday.

I started my day with a shake made of plain protein powder, cacao, cream and a pinch of stevia - no added leucine to try and see if that was the culprit. I also took a sachet of Damage Control Master Formula, and fried up an egg in coconut oil to provide a solid cushioning for my pain modifier (for a damaged nerve, no big deal, but not something I want interfering with my life forever, so the drug gradually 'cures' the sensitivity) when it hit my belly. I figured the egg and oil were harmless enough since the Eades' encourage six-weekers to put both in their shakes. Result = less noticeable nausea, but some aftertaste issues and tongue furriness. I also seem to have nasty breath odour, which may be attributed to the shakes or to fat-burning. Fingers crossed for the latter, but something tells me it's the stevia or the leucine...

I packaged up a shake of my vanilla mix inc. leucine, with cacao and cream and stevia, to take as lunch, and had to force it down at 2pm. A bit of a stomach gurgle resulted, but nothing too drastic.

It was a delight to walk home in the sunlight after a long day, but I couldn't face shake #3 so I opted for a tiny dinner entree - bacon and egg!

And as the main course, I prepped a chicken and served myself the legs, but in my haste to be fed and out the door (another night at the Theatre to get to, darlings!) I completely forgot to photograph my plate. So you'll just have to trust me :)

Stomach-wise, something is still not 100%, but I'll repeat today's plan to see whether the culprit is my pain modifier. Plus, it was easy again to keep my calories really low - thanks to the lunchtime shake, I didn't feel hungry until I arrived home, and that hunger is always psychological :)

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