Monday, October 19, 2009

Day One of The Six Week Cure

Out of sheer fear of hunger with nothing but protein shakes to keep me going, I loaded up on protein and fat this morning - scotch fillet steak, bacon, and fried eggs, topped with melted butter (used to cook the eggs):

A Carnivore Cost Calculation note - I was going to stop monitoring my meat costs for this fortnight, but if every meal is going to be like this morning's, it'll be pretty balanced in terms of representing my normal 'big' meat meal, if not a little bigger! I need to do a summary post of my spending thus far, and then this fortnight's meats can have their own summary post and side-note in the on-going record. Organic Direct delivers this weekend as well, and their prices are more representative of my usual expenses - the local butcher is quite a bit pricier so the tallies thus far are probably above-average. We'll see...

I packaged up two bottles of protein shake (one serving of shake each) to serve me for lunch and a snack to keep me going through my late afternoon Monash tutorial. And it worked! Admittedly, I wasn't really a fan of that much extra liquid interrupting my day (and I don't just mean stopping to drink), but hopefully various organs will learn to accommodate that change.

I wasn't able to snap a shot of the shakes, but I can promise you that they looked nothing like these:

My day ended with another shake for dinner, made with a full litre of water to replace my usual tea consumption. The Drs. Eades say that white tea is low enough in caffeine to remain in the program, but I'm still cutting back to give my liver the best chance, should it have any stored fat...

So that's Day 1 under my belt, exactly where I hope to find less of me by the end of this programme! Tomorrow will be the reverse of today - tomorrow night is the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner, so I'm going to plan to enjoy some of what is served there, if the meat isn't smothered in sauce. I'll drink my shakes for breakfast, lunch, and late afternoon, and will see how I go with dinner! If there's nothing appropriate and I'm feeling fine, I might fast through dinner in anticipation of a nice big breakfast the next day! The one downer of this fortnight is the lack of food - the novelty of drinking something that comes closer to milk or ice cream than I have tasted in ten months is still not enough to off-set the pleasure I get from a nice thick lamb chop, so I'm hanging out for my daily meal! I'm already thawing a pork roast in anticipation for my next dinner day - but I'm so busy this week, it may not happen until Friday! Is it wrong to cook up an entire 400g pork roast for breakfast?


Matthew said...

400g pork roast for breakfast is far from wrong and closer to awesome :)

I bought the 6weekcure from amazon a few months ago and found it quite interesting, particularly the correlation between a fatty liver and a fat stomach. My diet however almost mimics the first two weeks already as I enjoy protein shakes (with cream) when I am doing weights and only really have one large meal at night. I will be quite interested to see how you go with it however.

About to donate blood today and have fasted as per Eades recommendation. Should be interesting to see what they say when I turn down there sweets and eat my lunch box full of meat instead :)

Dream said...

I downed 3.5 lbs of lamb for dinner last week...I think youll be fine with 400g of pork =). Sounds yummy

Jezwyn said...

See, when you guys picture a 400g pork roast, I don't think you're quite imagining the reality currently in my fridge... Crackling and a thick layer of fat all the way around, with minimal lean! Mmmm... But not even I could eat the whole thing in one go. Lamb, however, I could consume endlessly! :)