Thursday, October 29, 2009


Elevenses - an additional serving/snack beyond the 'norm', usually accompanied by tea or coffee.

Also, an hilarious pun since it's Day 11 of the Six Week Cure. Oh, I crack myself up.

Today I vowed to boost my calories. Since the protein shakes are still a bit iffy, I didn't want to boost the amount of protein in them. Instead, I doubled the amount of cream.

I ate a high-calorie breakfast, in as small a meal as possible: an almond pancake with cream, and a generous serving of bacon. Then it was a shake for lunch, and a shake for an afternoon snack.

For dinner, we had juicy, amazingly tender, organic porterhouse steaks, and to up the calories further, I sauteed some red cabbage in a hefty amount of coconut oil:

Well, that certainly satisfied me! I logged my food into my tracker, and even though the calorie count for bacon online is much higher than the info on my packet, I still ended up around the 1600kcal area! What??

Bring on elevenses - macadamia nuts! Ah, faithful, high-cal friend, how I have missed you! 1oz would bring up my calories to 1800kcal, without blowing the carb budget. Win!

Well, just my luck, the bastards aren't all that tasty - a couple of my ounce seemed burned or something, and only two had that distinctive macadamia flavour! So much for paying through the nose for organic nuts if they're going to be that bland! I guess I'll use the remaining nuts as a crust from some salmon - I haven't had that in ages! Since pre-blog times!

So while this week hasn't been as smooth as last week, particularly in my stress levels have taken a hit as my senior students jostle to use up any free time I have available for exam preparation, the scales are showing progress, and my waist measurement has also snuck down a teeny bit. Hopefully today's energy intake boost will kick my metabolism back into the normal range - I felt snoozy at various points of the day today, suggesting a drop in BMR.

The general knowledge of my eating preferences increased its circle today, when at the end of a meeting with the boss, he offered me a lolly. I declined, and let slip that "I haven't eaten sugar in almost a year!" He looked up at me in friendly surprise and asked, "What kind of diet is that?!" I decided to keep things simple and retorted, "The 'Eating Healthy Foods' Diet." He smiled, unwrapped a lolly, and popped it into his gob. (He's a slender bloke of 50-something, an ex-P.E. teacher, so he probably would have understood the Primal idea, but time and place... And at least my response was probably generic enough not to offend him or make me seem all that weird... Probably.) :D

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ancient said...

Elevenses should be precisely at 11.00am, hence its name, a light repast struck midway betwixt breakfast and luncheon, the regularity of timings in the households that invented such customs, you could set your watch by, it is not . . . a term . . . which can refer to any miscellaneous snacking that occurs beyond the three understood standard mealtimes, as some misperceive today (not that these standard mealtimes by myself or most people are even well observed today). I once in my youth visited a household that really had elevenses, and they were pretty religious about it, the dependable nature of customs and routines such as elevenses, were im sure to those who observed them, were a genuine comfort and security. But it was also the same household where you saw you father once a term, to explain your school report, and a caining could ensue if it wasnt up to scratch, swings and roundabouts you gain one thing and lose another. Sadly afternoon tea was lost soon after elevenses. Some gentle customs, were in the way of the pace at which so called progress seemed to run.