Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Two of The Six Week Cure

Okay, Day Two: meal o' the day was dinner since I had a special function to go to centred around eating, so to sup on a shake would have been awkward and inappropriate, and the majority of my day was laid-back so it was a safe time to try the shake-only day...

Decided to try crushing ice as part of my breakfast shake, packaging up ice-free mix for lunch and an afternoon snack.

Dinner - Entree: three cubes of roasted lamb, with some other stuff that I ignored but was apparently delicious.

Dinner - Main: beef sirloin, huzzah! In nothing but its own juices, sitting on a bed of bleh with a side of pfshaw, both ignored. Shame the beef was cooked beyond recognition and was nearly impossible to cut... But hey, beef!

Success! Am feeling very slim and the scales are reflecting this information, despite my monthly bloatiness. Very positive!


Mellie said...

"Sitting on a bed of bleh with a side of pfshaw, both ignored..."

Haha, that made me laugh out loud!! Love it!!

Sue said...

What brand of whey powder are you using?

Jezwyn said...

Firstly and currently using Whey Factors by Natural Factors in French Vanilla flavour (delicious!! but shipped from the US through iHerb, my VitD3 and toothpaste supplier), and shortly I am switching to my new Australian brand, Professional Whey, whom I just discovered also sell Vibram FiveFingers at a discounted price! Woohoo!