Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thailand: A Retrospective - Day 11

A busy day - the beau wanted to run through his presentation in private, so I busied myself away from the room.

But first, breakfast - mine:


Then I went for two hours of massage in one of the beach shacks - two hours for $15? Yes please!

Then to the resort spa for an eyebrow wax and a fresh manicure - nice, but not nearly as detailed as the beach girls did. In fact, the first lot of polish flowers were so bad, that I had to get them done again, by a different therapist!

The beau met me for lunch - beef burger time, with egg, bacon and cheese (or a slice of something cheese-esque). Ignored the bun, of course!

We then played paparazzi, taking shots of the resort and each other, getting lots of close-ups of the very exotic flowers growing everywhere in the pool area. Here's a shot from the island in the centre of our pool - spa, crazy palm plants, animal fountain statues... What more could you want?!

All manner of wildlife made their way into the corridors between the pools and the rooms during our stay, but this little guy was certainly cuter than any of the lizards, dragonflies, and giant butterflies...


Our last dinner at the resort - Mongolian BBQ! Oh my goodness! DIY stir-fry - pick your carbs, meats, and condiments, give it to the chef who stir-fries it in palm oil, and has it delivered to your table. Oh my!

Now, the first plate of squid, cabbage, pak choy and garlic I loaded up came back tainted with oyster sauce - the chef obviously didn't think I knew what I was doing!? How rude! I complained to the waiter, who had me load up another plate - this one came back sugar-free and perfect!

Went back to make up a plate with beef, since it had been a long time - decided to risk a bit of carb with a cherry tomato - it had been a loooong time!

For our last night in Thailand, it was essential to hit the town and buy our gifts! We also hadn't seen the madness of Patong nightlife...

Our first stop was Jungceylon, where we headed downstairs into the 'crafts' section. I bought a beautiful silver flower pendant which I had actually fallen in love with at Pure Silver in Sydney Airport, selling for $250! This Thai store was called P. Silver, and it was EXACTLY the same piece, for $40! Huzzah! (And I know it's genuine because when we landed in Sydney, we went to Pure Silver and had them examine it - fair dinkum!)

I also found lots of 3 for 100 baht nail polish - I decided to stock up on a range of colours so that I could paint flowers on my nails myself back home!

We walked along the infamous Bangla Rd to see all the ladyboys and gogo dancers and hyper-aggressive market stall vendors... We were quickly exhausted though, so we were in our resort-bound tuk-tuk by midnight.

Our final night at the resort - slept like babies, although tinged with sadness...

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