Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thailand: A Retrospective - Day 10

Phi Phi Island Day!!

We were up at dawn, and down to the breakfast buffet. I was so sick of widening my carnivore-scope to include animal product other than meat, so I decided to go meat all the way! So that means - bacon. I also found, in the Thai breakfast section, boiled chicken and veg, so I picked out a couple of tasty pieces of chook to make things vaguely interesting.

We hopped into the minivan, and tootled our way up to the marina - a 45 minute drive in heavy rain and wild winds. The weather had me more than a little on edge - the journey to Phi Phi was by speedboat, and I couldn't imagine the oceans being all that calm given the manner by which the palm trees were shaking!

My gut instinct was accurate - upon arrival at the marina, the head of the tour company came out to tell us that the trip was cancelled due to dangerous weather. About turn. Back to the resort, where we called our Flight Centre representative, who informed us that the tour did not run the following day, and as we were flying out late the day after, they were unwilling to book us on the tour that day! Argh!!

So we were back at the resort at 10am - our 6am breakfast was a distant memory, and the buffet was still in action - second breakfast! Hardly any meat left, so I had to turn back to the eggs and dairy, especially when I spotted the brie!

We went back to the massage shack for a foot massage, which I was looking forward to... Weirdly, the girl spend a lot longer rubbing my shins and calves than she did working my feet! And guess where the worst of my sunburn was... OW! Not the most relaxing massage ever.

The beau decided to spend our newly-free day working on his presentation for Web Directions South, so I spent yet another day poolside with a good book.

And then it was up the hill...

Well, the day wasn't the highlight of the trip like it was supposed to be, but it wasn't all that bad really. :)

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