Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Meat Meat Meat!

Ahhh, sunny Saturdays. Nothing to do but cook and buy fresh, organic meat. A perfect way to mark the real beginning of my Carnivore Cost Calculations - how much does it cost (in Aussie dollars) per day to live on a diet of organic (where possible) meat?

Breakfast: Two lamb forequarter chops - $4.

Then it was off to the shops in my KSOs, to Belmore Meats. It's still another two weeks before my freezer is restocked by Organic Direct, and we were down to diced beef, and a whole lotta chicken. So I took the opportunity to stock up on the items that are sold at a good price from the organic butcher (whose prices are fixed - no 'specials' here, sadly) - the steaks and such are best left for the monthly shipment.

The haul:

1.35kg leg of lamb @ $16/kg
1.7kg (10) lamb forequarter chops @ $16/kg
1kg corned beef silverside @ $17/kg
400g ox kidney @ $10/kg (can't wait to cook with kidney for the first time!)
1.1kg (10) pure beef sausages @ $18/kg

Total expenditure: $92.50

Meals: 15 or more breakfasts, and 3 dinners for two people with leftovers.

Lunch: Crab cakes, my newest experiment, and an absolute winner! Crab costs about $8-$10 per container, depending on the kind of meat, and two organic eggs run to the order of $1.50 or so, so this meal isn't cheap. Perfect as an appetiser at a luxurious dinner party though.

Dinner: Leg of lamb ($21), rubbed in lard and sprinkled with thyme, rosemary and garlic...

Then popped in the crock pot and cooked in a moderately hot oven for four hours...

The result is tender, perfect meat sitting in its own incredibly delicious gravy! Who needs Gravox when you have this?!

Carnivore Cost Calculation: $4 + $12 + $11 (half the roast, no leftovers this time) = $27. Given that I wasn't actually hungry for lunch and just felt like testing a recipe idea, I only really needed $15 worth of food today. So for those of you who want to watch the purse strings, that's 700g of organic lamb for $15. Nice. Conventional meat would probably be even cheaper, of course. Grok on!

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