Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Have I Been Eating?

Settling back into the normal routine has been tricky, since I haven't had a chance to get to my organic butcher, and thus have been leaning on organic dairy and eggs to get my nutrition. I'm also not back in the swing of photographing my food, so here's a series of the food that did manage to get itself in front of the lens:

A homecoming celebration - almond pancakes with some chopped 100% dark chocolate and berries

Cream cheese to help kick-start ketosis

Haloumi and scrambled eggs to get the fat content up

Organic porterhouse steak (at last, good meat!), bacon, and haloumi

Lamb chops and haloumi

Roast chicken

Inspired by Thailand - pork kare (curry)! So simple - dice a big ol' hunk of pork, sauté in 2T oil and 2T curry powder (and any other spices and herbs you enjoy), then cover with water and simmer until meat falls apart. Simple and delicious!

My roast came with skin-on, and an immense layer of fat - hmm, what to do, what to do...

Yum!! And serve!

Lots of leftover pork and crackling, so after an all-day fast today, I enjoyed a huge pile of pork kare - mmm!

So now it's back to the meat & egg plan - no more dairy. My weight is up since I weighed in pre-Thailand, so I need to balance that inflammation and water retention to kick-start fat burning again. I'm down to some free-range chicken, scotch fillet steak, and some diced beef... Looks like I'll be making a trek to either the organic butcher or the seafood vendor in the nearby shopping centre tomorrow afternoon! Maybe I'll get some squid.... :)

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