Monday, October 5, 2009

Thailand: A Retrospective - Day 5

We wisely chose to spend the day lounging in our room, pouring moisturiser on our legs, whilst watching the entire first season of the amazing, and entirely underrated Slings & Arrows. If you enjoy Canadian comedy, and dig theatre, then you will ADORE this show!

We did make it to the breakfast buffet - oh look, bacon and eggs!

Skipped lunch, then we braved the resort's a la carte restaurant fare once more - surely a mixed grill would be safe, right?

Bacon (real bacon, at least), pork steak, beef, lamb 'chop', and a veal chipolata (ew) - all lean! - served with some foul lukewarm defrosted veggies and horrific 'mashed potato' (veg report courtesy of the beau). So we returned to our room with me barely sated - thankfully the crippling pain kept me occupied!

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