Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's Meats: 12/10/09

A quick one today - gotta love how a busy Monday diminishes eating opportunities, especially after a bit of an extravagant weekend!

Breakfast: two pure organic beef sausages (how I had missed them!), and a BIG pile of bacon!

Dinner: four chicken drumsticks, slow-roasted... Crispy yet tender!

Carnivore Cost Calculation:

2 pure organic beef sausages - $4
Bacon - $1
Organic chicken drumsticks - $5

All up - $10.

Since Spring has finally sprung, I have a query for any carnivorous readers who have been doing this for longer than I have - whilst I fully intend to live on barbequed meats for the majority of summer (in Australia, we're all carnivores in summer!), do you have any other meal recommendations? I'm thinking cold roast chicken, tuna, crayfish... Any favourites?


StephenB said...

Hello Jezwyn. I enjoy your blog. Ever thought of spicing things up a bit with sauces, like Richard does here? I'm going to try a bit of this too, mixing up the coconut milk with bone broth.

Jezwyn said...

Hi Stephen, thanks for reading! Although if you read some more, you'll see that I am intentionally cutting carbs, so coconut milk is out. In fact, the times pre-carnivore where I tried coconut milk and coconut cream, my digestion did not respond well.

If you have access to high-quality, grass-fed, fresh meat, and you know how to prepare it effectively, there's no need to "spice things up" - meat tastes fantastic!